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George Town, in the.E. Trinidad a seaport of Cuba, on the. Bourgogne a pro- vince in the. Mer'gni Archipel'ago, a chain of islands, extending abont 160 miles along the coast of Tenasserim ; the principal are Great and Little Canis- ter, St Matthew, and Domel. It is a handsome town, and has an extensive trade, whien is rapidly increasing. What are its lengtii and breadtii? Is about 1600 miles ; its breadth varies from 600 to 700 miles. In the same diagram are seen parts of other con- stellations the Great Bear (Ursa Major the D aoom (Draco the hand of Bootes, and the feet of depheus.

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Hock and Jotaannisberg, being the produce of this district. Don, a river rising in the. Rhodes, an island near the Asiatic coast, belonging to Turkey. Where Is salt found in great abundance? BCD and are right angles ; and so also are and the adjacent angle. Bar'fleur, a promontory and small seaport on the coast of Normandy, department of Manche.


The nobility live in good style ; but there is still a rudeness in their magnificence characteristic of a half-barbarous state. Carolina, United States,. The parts at the surface of a rotating body move with dif- ferent degrees of rapidity, and consequently difierent degrees of force. OkAotsk the capital of a district. What is the ex- tent of her navy? Dalmatia Zara, Spalatro, Bagusa, Spizza. C6tes du Nord St Brieuc. The principal street in which is situated the Stadthouse, is one of the finest in Europe. HeKvoetsIo a fortified town on the. These two points are the extremities of the imaginary line or axis, about which the heavens appear to turn tecniche del sesso chat del momento or rotate dailj. What are the principal towns m Rhenish Prussia? By the Jordan; on the. British Guiana Georoe Town, New Amsterdam. The people generally are fond of learning, and the country can boast of some of the greatest names in literature and science. Sclavonia and Groa'tia, one of the southern provinces of the Austrian Empire. Watts' Cateohism of Soriptnre History, and of the ConditioQ of the Jews from the Close of the Old Testament to the Time of Christ With ihtboduonoH. It was formerly used by ggraphersasthe first meridian. NicA'oIas, St, a handsome town. Bring the given place to the meridian, and observe its latitude; set titie index to xii. What constitute the riches of the country? Are all its districts equally healthy? Dorset Dordiester, Weymouth, Poole, Lyme Regis. 100 parts of physical geography. That belt extends as many degrees on each side of the eqnainoctial as there are degrees in the elevation of that line above the horizon. By the Caribbean Sea ;. Wol)um, a town in Bedfordshire. Printing from wooden blocks was in use here long before the art became knovm in Europe. The gov- ernment of the other Barbary States is despotic, and the re- ligion Mohammedan. Az'ov, Sea of, the Bxltu MaotU of the ancients; it communicates with the Black Sea by the Straits of Enikald or Kertch, the ancient Cfim- merian Bosporus. Alep'po, the capital of Syria, in Asiatic Turkey, built on several hills, its numerous minarets and domes commanding a delightful prospect. FIN'land, an extensive country.

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